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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Switzerland
Alberto Giacometti: Die neuen Räume (The New Rooms)

Alberto Giacometti: Die neuen Räume (The New Rooms)
ZURICH  •  Kunsthaus Zürich  •  Ongoing
Alberto Giacometti (1901 - 1966), the Swiss sculptor, would have celebrated his 100th birthday on 10 October 2001. He was almost fifty when he created the form of the human figure by which he is best known - tall and inconceivably thin male and female forms. With 72 sculptures, 17 paintings and 62 drawings the Zurich Kunsthaus has one of the best Giacometti collections in the world. His drawings and notebooks are the subject of an exhibition in the new rooms at the Zurich Kunsthaus.

Many of Giacometti's most intense drawings were made during periods of crisis: the crystalline nude drawings from his student days, the analytical copies from the late 1930s, the high-tension search in 1946 - gouged into the paper - for a way to escape the tiny sculptural figures. In his maturity Giacometti used lines to capture his dialogue with his interlocutor, to pin down on paper the existence of things.

The school exercise books and sketchbooks that Bruno and Odette Giacometti have donated to the Giacometti Foundation, provide a different - broader and unusual - insight Alberto's artistic modus operandi, into areas that do not otherwise feature in his œuvre. Thus the notebooks, with rapid sketches from his days as a student in Geneva and his early days in Paris, reveal the disorientation that accompanied these new beginnings away from Stampa. Of particular interest are the drawings from 1925-27, when Alberto was carving out his own place in the avant-garde.

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